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Recent times has seen the game of darts grow in popularity all across Europe. Many people have made it a hobby to bet the odds and hopefully come out of it with some good cash. But as with all types of betting, you need to approach it with a strategy to avoid losing money and to make more than you risk consistently.

Darts is one of those games that requires a high level of accuracy in order to win. Players will stand 7 feet, 9 1/4 inches away from the dart board and launch little arrows as they try to achieve a total of 501 point with as few throws as possibly. There are plenty of tournaments to participate and bet in.
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Message from the ETB-President
It is a great pleasure for me, to welcome all of you, also on behalf of my Presidium, to the 2nd edition of the EUROPEAN MEN CHAMPIONSHIPS in Vienna, Austria.

It all started in 1962 in Besançon, France when we first had the European Championships; ladies and Men then bowled together. 36 women and 72 men then travelled to France. After 11 combined Championships, we had to separate. In 2005 the Men travelled to Moscow and 161 top players participated. Now in 2007 we travel for the second time to Vienna; in 1985 180 players participated (84 women and 96 men). This year 208 men travel to Vienna to bowl for the most important titles in Europe.

The prospects for a wonderful championship are very good: an excellent centre with well experienced hosts in a wonderful country a perfect time of the year.....what is there to stop you from scoring well and from enjoying every minute of the Championships?

I take this opportunity to thank the Österreichischer Sportkeglerbund for the initiative to host the EMC 2007. I am sure that it will be a great success.

The players and their coaches I wish excellent scores and, remember, you are the best in your country, so you are a winner already. Show Europe that Bowling is a true, honest and challenging SPORT.

With regards
Addie Ophelders - President ETBF

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Special Offer

Austrian Airlines, the Official Partner Airline of the Austrian Bowling Federation ÖSKB, offers all national bowling federations participating in the European Men Championship 2007

  • favourable group flight rates for the event
  • 40 kg baggage allowance (free of charge) for every group member upon availability
  • 50 % reduction of charges on additional excess baggage upon availability
You can find the forms for this offer here.